We all probably sighed to ourselves and thought “I wish I’d win a lottery and all my life’s problems would be solved” at least once. Well, the prospect definitely seems tempting, with someone handing you more money than you can actually wrap your head around, to pay all your loans, get you a new car or a house, anything, really. The possibilities seem endless. However, this beautiful picture we like to entertain ourselves with is not as close to reality as everyone thinks. After all, studies show that  you are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three to five years of winning a lottery than an average american.

Someone on Reddit asked people what they would do if they won a $656 Million lottery and while many poured out their hearts fantasizing of what they’d do with such a sum of money, one user called BlakeClass offered some legitimate advice on what one should act like in such a situation. Scroll down below and read what they had to say. You never know when you might fall “unlucky” and win a lottery.

Many of us dream of one day winning a lottery as it seems like all of our problems would go away

Image credits: U.S. Air Force

Someone on Reddit asked people what they would do if they won a lottery and one user got serious…

BlakeClass shared many legitimate tips on what to do with your lottery winnings