I’m a Hungarian photographer. My mainstream is the built environment, the buildings, and the details within them. The less is more.

I first started to capture buildings of one of the most successful Hungarian architects in their present state as part of a collaboration, and then as a small grant. These are the works of Marcel Breuer. There are many archive and old photos of his buildings, but few fresh ones. The project is big enough, and maybe it will get someone’s attention so I can continue. In addition to documentation, I focus on the details.

Marcel Breuer was a Bauhaus master and then, an architect. His style was modern architecture but many people say it’s brutalism.

I take a lot of pictures of buildings, sometimes I post them on Instagram.

I’ve photographed the following buildings: The Met Breuer (NYC), Lehman College (NYC), Pirelli building (New Haven), IBM Research Center (La Gaude, France), Baldegg Kloster (Baldegg, Switzerland), Doldertal Houses (Zürich, Switzerland). I’ll visit U.S Embassy (The Hague), De Bijenkorf (Rotterdam) soon.

Thank you!

More info: Instagram

Pirelli building’s windows

Details of Baldegg Kloster

Concrete wall details of IBM Research Center

Window of The Met Breuer

Wing of the Baldegg Kloster

Reflection in the Lehman College

Stairway at the IBM Research Center

Light windows at the Baldegg Kloster