While the hard work teachers do to educate our younger generation often goes unnoticed, one day a year they get special attention — it’s during the teacher’s day. On this special day, students bring small gifts to their teachers as a sign of appreciation. And while most of them gift flowers, sweets, chocolate and prepares little notes, recently one boy surprised her teacher with something seriously unexpected — a chicken.

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Well, it’s safe to say that the little boy made the teacher’s day very memorable for Talon Claude who lives and teaches third-graders in General Santos City, Philippines.

The teacher posted pictures of her special gift on her facebook and wrote “It doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap it is. It’s always the thought that counts.”

Claude, who works at Banwalan Primary School told SunStar that a day before the teacher’s day she encouraged to bring something for the teachers at the school. One student asked Claude if he could bring her a chicken.

“There are only three of us, teachers, so I told the students to bring something and give to any of us. One of the students asked if he can bring a chicken. I said yes as long as it is from the heart and his parents are aware. I told them they can give whatever they want” she told SunStar.


However, the teacher didn’t expect to actually receive a chicken, as she initially thought it was a joke. “I was shocked. I thought it was just a joke. One of the teachers suggested that we cook and eat it. But I wanted to document it first because it was my first time to receive a chicken”.

The teacher gracefully accepted the generous yet unexpected gift and had a good laugh with her colleagues.