Brilliant Studio Ghibli animation has inspired many people in a lot of different ways. Their touching stories and incredibly detailed animation style have touched us all. Bored Panda has collected some of the best Miyazaki fans' paintings to show what creative admirers are capable of.

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From vibrant watercolours to a 'Starry Night' version of Totoro, these paintings will hopefully fill the void 'till Hayao Miyazaki finishes his newest animation. And if you are an artist yourself, we hope that these pieces will inspire you to create something awesome and add it to this list!

#2 Totoro By Vincent Belbari

Totoro By Vincent Belbari

Vincent Belbari Report

PandasAreMyFav 1 year ago

Because Totoro is always watching. 0.o

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#3 Princess Mononoke By Muju

Princess Mononoke By Muju

muju Report

Ashlyn Taylor 1 year ago

I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It was so good

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#4 Spirited Away By Yuumei

Spirited Away By Yuumei

Yuumei Report

Cuzy123 1 year ago

So beautiful!

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