I am a big fan of animation movies and the sci-fi genre in general. I spend most of my free time watching television (too much time according to my friends). Among all, my favorite is Studio Ghibli: Totoro, Kiki, Mononoke. These are the characters I grew up with.

I also love watercolor, I think it is one of the most beautiful traditional media. I experimented with watercolor texture, recreating the effect at work one time and I fell in love with it. Watercolors allow me to experiment and layer different color without any concern of making mistakes.

So I thought why not make fan art of my favorite characters with this new style I discover? And that’s how I started creating this series of Studio Ghibli watercolor set. I ended up selling them on Etsy. Now I am slowly adding more pieces from different movies and TV show I like Doctor Who, How to train your dragon, and Big hero 6.

More info: Etsy


Kiki Flying Pass The Moon

Totoro And Mini Totoros

The Bath House


Toothless And Hiccup

Bad Wolf

Robot Soldier

Howl’s Moving Castle

Princess Mononoke