The physical pain of child birth is one of those things that men are mercifully exempt from having to experience. But have you ever wondered just how a man would cope with having to give birth? Well as you can see from the hilarious video below, the answer to that question is “not very well.”

The man writhing in agony is Johnny Wade, a Lincoln Memorial University Student who bravely volunteered to be hooked up to a machine that emulates the pain experienced by women during childbirth. With his friends filming him and another friend holding him, Johnny, who’s training to be a nurse anesthetist, managed a mere 20 seconds before tapping out. Still, it looks like they were quite possibly the most traumatic 20 seconds of his life. It’s just a good job the survival of the human race isn’t dependent on men giving birth, because if it was, it looks like we’d soon be extinct.

Watch the hilarious video below: