Never look directly into the sun. It’s just one of those things that everybody knows. Or that’s what we thought at least. But it turns out that some people recently viewed the solar eclipse without protective eye-wear, and one of those people was rapper Joey Bada$$.

“Am I crazy for watching the eclipse today w no glasses?” he tweeted recently. “This ain’t the first solar eclipse and I’m pretty sure our ancestors ain’t have no fancy eye-wear. Also pretty sure they ain’t all go blind.”

Nobody knows what happened to our ancestors, but the internet has a pretty good idea about what happened to Joey Bada$$, because shortly after his incredibly “bright” idea, he unexpectedly cancelled three shows in Cleveland, Chicago and Toronto. Coincidence? We’ll let you be the judge of that one. Scroll down to see how people responded to his bizarre act of bravado. Oh, and if you didn’t know already, staring directly into the sun is a really bad idea. Got that? Great.

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Everyone was excited to watch the recent solar eclipse, including rapper Joey Bada$$

But a tweet he wrote revealed some alarming info on how he intended to watch it

He revealed the “logic” behind his decision, but people weren’t convinced

They tried to warn him, but Joey Bada$$ didn’t listen

Just one day later he unexpectedly announced that he was pulling out of three upcoming shows

Coincidence? These people didn’t think so

Image credits: wildprxfits