Arwen is a Husky/Kelpie mix and, according to her owner’s kid, is “a little asshole.” Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus wanted to share the hilarious misadventures of their parent’s highly intelligent but mischevious dog, which have since gone viral.

As explained in one of their posts although Arwen is constantly getting into trouble she is no dummy. “Arwen was trained as an Autism Service Dog by inmates as part of a prison rehab/service dog charity program,” explained the writer, and that “90% of her bullshittery” could be attributed to her ‘extracurricular’ training routine as well as her breed mix.

When Arwin is on the job and in uniform she is a consummate professional, but as her human companion writes, “If she hasn’t got an active job, shenanigans ensue.”

Scroll down to read the hilarious hijinx Arwin has managed to get into!