It all began when my friend told me that I looked like Garth, I gasped in delight- it’s true! I actually do look like Garth. So I kinda just went with it, cause seriously- isn’t it a beautiful thing to look like a female Dana Carvey?

I decided I would go as Garth for Halloween this year and my sister chimes in with ” I can go as Wayne!” I looked at her and we realized that she looks like him, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? We were so pleased with our discovery, we immediately started planning something really special- it took us a few months but it was a lot of fun cause we are such big fans of the movie and of course, Mike Myers & Dana Carvey!

We love Wayne’s World and to top it off, it’s the movie’s 25th anniversary this year.

What better way to celebrate than to do a photo shoot!

My friend Kayleigh with Ruts & Roses Photography was on board and well, you can see the beauty in these photos for yourself!

No way. WAY!

We’re not worthy!!!

Party time , excellent!