Twitter is home to numerous amazing trends, like that one time when everyone on it was sharing “You Had To Be There” moments, or that other time when everyone got so bored, they started pointing out things you can’t do despite being vaccinated, but each rule was actually a pop-culture reference.

And when you think about it, it’s all just text. Despite this, these trends end up being captivating and engage thousands of other people. Just like it happened this time around with the “She Fell In Love With” trend that’s been taking Twitter by storm.

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So, there’s a new trend going around on the internet, namely on Twitter, whereby people create single-sentence love stories, often dramatic. The only two criteria are that the story has to include the “Fell In Love With” element, regardless of the pronoun used before it, and it has to be witty and/or punny.

Nearly all stories also have a “but” element, which explains why this very fictional, yet still very engaging love story never came to fruition—though there are cases when it has a positive outcome.

Now, it’s hard to pinpoint who exactly started this trend, but one of the tweeters to go viral with his short love story was Twitter user @Kiridaren, who wrote “she fell in love with a book publisher but he doesn't want to publish it.”


He also urged everyone else to come up with their own stories, which led to the internet going wild with answers.


As it was mentioned before, a key element in these single-sentence stories is to include something witty or punny. So, those who decided to write how she, whoever the heroine is, fell in love with an electrician, it would have to have something to do with getting shocked, or there has to be a spark, or something along those lines.

And it wasn’t just electricians—it was teachers, firefighters, police, doctors, accountants, auditors, comedians, carpenters, and pretty much any other professional you could think of.


You can check out more by reading through the answers to @Kiridaren’s tweet. But before you go, care to write your own story of who she fell in love with, but it may or may not have worked out between the two?

Let us know your best mini stories in the comment section below!


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She fell in love with a pianist but he didn't understand the keys to a good relationship

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