Furniture designer Bernardo Urbina from Costa Rica turns wood scraps to one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. He has created a new furniture line and started a project Tacloban Prevails.

His pieces are more than a simple furniture line. They are a system that grants a second life not only to scraps and debris, specifically those left in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, but an income for the people affected by it. 10 percent of the final sales goes back to the families from whom they bought the debris.

More info:

Fancisko Estupin: Wine Glass Rack

Debris – cart
Owner – Francisko Estupin
Now – a wine glass rack

Marianita Epil: Cheese Platters

Debris – pile
Owner – Marianita Epil
Now – cheese platters or hot pods

Melvin Ludhko: Coffee Table

Debris – big root
Owner – Melvin Ludhko
Now – a unique coffee table

Nestor Abilado: Coffee Table

Debris – ladder
Owner – Nestor Abilado
Now – a coffee table

Wilson Pinaloza: Console Table

Debris – broken boat
Owner – Wilson Pinaloza
Now – a console table

Village in Tacloban

One of the villages that were visited by Bernardo Urbina while looking for the debris to pick up.