The little story of my handmade polymer clay bookmarks!

Good day to you all my beloved friends, I am about to tell you a story and I mean a real story, not a fairy tale.

So, our story goes like this, once upon a time, a long way back…no one really knows when or where, there lived a warmhearted person of exquisite beauty who relished the adventurous journey of reading a book, no one knew who he or she was, none really knew what this book was about.

The person was body and soul devoted to this book, so much that the hero of it felt really flattered and set as its only aim in life to meet his reader. There was only one way to make that happen no one knew what that was or how it would make it true, but our hero managed to make his dream come true and meet this one person who had cast a spell over him. And then there was magic. the flame of love came out of nowhere and turned everything into ashes.

Since that day, they meet secretly somewhere between the dark corners of the books’ pages living passionate moments full of emotion, laughter, pain, agony, indulgence and sometimes closing sleepy eyes. They had reached an agreement, though, they had decided to take their relationship one step at a time, and so each date was arranged on the next page.

From that day long, our hero stretches his tiny legs with the utmost discretion out of the pages of the book so that his love will be reminded of the place of their next meeting no one else will ever know when or where.

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