Delaware Renaissance woman Rebecca Keen believes that the frivolous is serious during these trying times, so inspired by the miniature art gallery created for pet gerbils, she decided to craft her own Musée de BudgerigART.

“The second I saw the gerbil one, I was like ‘I can do that’ and got to work,” said the proud mother of seven budgies.

As the pictures clearly show, her birds enjoy living in a gallery space and are appreciating the works. Rebecca may add a Picasso in the future if inspiration strikes: “Something from his Blue Period, perhaps,” she said.

The opening of the Musée de BudgerigART

“I waited for an hour before a single art appreciator came down from her roost”

Budg with a Pearl Earring

The Creation of Bird

The Squawk

Her son begged for the inclusion of The Scream by Edvard Munch, but she declined initially because she doesn’t like that painting. When he suggested the cats in the background, however, that “sold her.”

Starry Flight