Planned Parenthood has long become associated with one defining and incredibly divisive issue: abortion. Yes, the reproductive healthcare organization does offer this service in certain clinics. However, abortions account for only 3% of healthcare services carried out by Planned Parenthood and are not funded by government money.

In 2014, Planned Parenthood received 40% of its funding from the government, helping to provide care for hundreds of thousands of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. They offer services such as birth control; emergency contraception; clinical breast examinations; cervical cancer screening; pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling; prenatal care; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections; sex education; vasectomies and LGBT services.

The core aim of Planned Parenthood is the prevention of sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies – fewer unwanted babies equals fewer abortions. Makes sense right?

Not to some, including, it seems, the current administration. So obsessed have people become with the abortion issue, the government is now threatening to permanently eliminate federal funding for the organization; potentially denying essential reproductive healthcare for up to 650,000 women in low-income neighborhoods and communities.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

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Education is vital here, with more people needing to be informed about the reality of Planned Parenthood rather than making knee-jerk, irrational judgments based on partisan political affiliations.

This story, told by Autumn Mizer, perfectly encapsulates the importance of the service, particularly for low-income communities. Planned Parenthood is far more than just abortions, it literally saves lives.


Why do some people see affordable healthcare as such a terrible thing? Can you imagine being yelled at and threatened by ignoramuses simply for getting a cancer screening?

It’s not just women that benefit from the services offered. Men can go for STD screenings, testicular and prostate cancer screening, vasectomies and even erectile dysfunction treatment; perhaps something that those angry and aggressive protesters could really benefit from?

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Defunding this vital service is a really bad idea, and will undoubtedly lead to many more unwanted pregnancies, sexual health issues and even more abortions.

For now, let’s celebrate Planned Parenthood for all of the essential, non-abortion services that they offer and spread the word about what it really represents: affordable, preventative healthcare for your most personal and private health issues, carried out without judgment.

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