I think it’s fair to say that people everywhere are losing trust – trust in the media, in our partisan and corrupted politics, in scientists, experts and even in capitalism itself. According to the Edelman Corporation, which runs an annual ‘Trust Barometer‘ based on the views of people in 28 countries, only one in five feels that the current system is working for them, and the one thing that unites people worldwide is an urgent desire for change.

Something is not right! But while it can be tempting the throw the baby out with the bathwater and do something extreme (like electing dishonest and buffoonish leaders, for example), it is worth remembering that in many ways the system does work, and it has raised the living standards of billions around the world.

Image credits: uzumaki2810

Take this story, posted on the subreddit r/MurderedByWords, for example.

After someone posted a photo of a modern car, crumpled and in pieces after having crashed into a sturdy, seemingly undamaged older model, one Tumblr user lamented the passing of good old American steel in modern car manufacturing. Apparently, fiberglass is to blame.

Not to be outdone, this lactating left-winger went all the way and stated that the modern-day phenomenon of fragile, crumpling cars is just another symptom of the failure of capitalism. This is the logical conclusion to any problem these days, isn’t it?


Happily, someone with a better understanding of the issue entered the scene and put the misguided Marxist firmly in their place. Safety advancements in automobile technology have come along massively in recent years, and are getting better still thanks to research and investment.

Post: busted. Experts like these are handy resources to have, aren’t they? Perhaps if we had more trust in experts and scientists in general, we would all be in a better place right now!

What do you think? Has a good car safety design ever saved your life? Do you believe in the concept of planned obsolescence? Is capitalism to blame for everything? Let us know in the comments below!

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