An owl cafe in Tokyo, Japan, lets its customers spend time with these majestic birds. Visitors to Ikefukurou can pet or take photos with the owls for 1400 yen (11.5 USD) per hour during the week, or 1600 yen (13 USD) on weekends. Owl owners can bring their birds, too, or if you don’t have an owl but want one, you can buy one through the local breeder.

“Ikefukurou” combines the name of the town, Ikebukuro, and Fukuro, owl in Japanese. Customers who visit the cafe are first briefed on safety rules and animal welfare before they can handle a bird. An American eagle-owl, mottled owl, tawny owl, vermiculated eagle-owls, several species of scops owl and a tropical screech owl are amongst the possible choices offered to customers. Fruit juice or beer is available for refreshment.

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