Social media is there for everybody, but that doesn't mean that everybody should use it.

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Check out this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean. In it you'll find countless examples of older people trying, and failing, to figure out just how this fancy and newfangled social media business works. From dads failing to communicate properly with Siri to grandpas who can't take a joke about their suspiciously fake-looking Metallica tattoos, the people in the list below may have failed at social media, but they definitely won when it came to making us smile.

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#3 My 95-Year-Old Grandma Updating Facebook

My 95-Year-Old Grandma Updating Facebook

beasterne Report

Jeremie Guerra 10 months ago

I have no comment at this time neither... :)

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#5 This Woman On The Subway

This Woman On The Subway

AlexSteinman Report

Daria B 10 months ago

We are laughing (and of course we are!), but what if this was an actually important conversation she had to document out for whatever reason there is? Maybe these are the proof to a lawsuit, or just memo for work, or whatever else.

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#6 That Lasagna Looks Crisp...

That Lasagna Looks Crisp...

Cdif Report

Soheil Balini 10 months ago

You are giving birth to a lasagna? who's the father?

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#7 My Granson Isn't Here

My Granson Isn't Here

FinancialAntonement Report

Lara B. 10 months ago

Aaaw, bless ol' Phyllis!

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#8 Im Ure Grandma

Im Ure Grandma


Drakeguten 10 months ago


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