We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again—Twitter is full of things, magnificent and intriguing things, even. One such example is a seemingly random post by a Twitter account named Michael Sheen Facts that led to an unexpected and fascinating story.

The account is dedicated solely to random facts about Welsh actor Michael Sheen (surprise surprise!). But when the account admins posted a short and sweet post saying ‘Michael Sheen’s real name is Micheal Sheen,’ they probably weren’t expecting Michael Sheen himself to respond. And not only did he respond, but he delivered a charming story of how he got the name ‘Michael’ by a sheer stroke of luck (or ghosts).

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Actor Michael Sheen shared a fascinating story of how one simple mix-up led him to being named ‘Michael’

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The 51-year-old actor from Wales most recently starred in a TV miniseries called ‘Good Omens,’ and is known for other big and small screen projects as well. In the Twitter comments, a lot of people referenced the show ‘Good Omens,’ and were wondering whether he was accidentally swapped and is the antichrist just like the character in the show?

Michael Sheen plays an angel in the Amazon Prime show, so he felt the need to add the tag #nottheantichrist accompanied by angelic emojis, to make it clear that he is *definitely* not the antichrist. Sounds suspicious, if you ask us!

It all started with a simple tweet posted by the account ‘Michael Sheen Facts’

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The statement seemed way too obvious to the point of being ridiculous, but… it turned out to be almost not true. Replying to the ‘fact,’ Michael Sheen himself revealed how he became ‘Michael’ by pure accident.

To which the actor unexpectedly replied with an equally unexpected story

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Apparently, not that long ago, Michael attended a family history show. In it, he was told that his ancestor had come to Wales from Ireland during the famine. The ancestor married in Cardiff, and Michael was shown a list of children he and his wife had (which they had around 20, except that not many of them survived). The actor was shown the birth certificates that revealed an eerie truth-the couple kept naming their male babies Michael but, sadly, they all died. Then, fast forward to 1969, Christopher is born but destiny (or just a nurse) decided that he’s, in fact, Michael. What are the odds of that?

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