I’m a multi-media visual artist, and have been painting and illustrating for a few years now. My girlfriend has been incredibly supportive and I consider her my business partner in so many ways. This summer has been extremely stressful for us as a couple. After much testing she has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, which causes excess fluid in her spinal column, among other painful symptoms. She’s never considered herself to be artistic in any way, but one day decided to try sculpting, as a sort of therapy to cope with this new ailment which has truly changed her life over the last few months.

What started as therapy is now an art collaboration. I’ve been working on a series this year called The Grubbers…a race of dimensional creatures that are cute and kinda gross as well. My girlfriend has transformed my drawings and paintings into sculptures, which I then paint and assemble. It’s exciting to watch her explore her newfound talent, and being able to work together artistically is amazing.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve created, as this is just a taste of things to come. Thanks!

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Orange Grubber

Purple Grubber

Blue Grubber

Red Grubber