We are here to answer the big question that has been on everyone's minds: What if big movie actors were replaced by cats and dogs? Imagine going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow would be played by a cat, instead of Johnny Depp.

That's exactly the thing this Brazilian artist Luís Rogério Faria Rosa wanted to see, so he created a series where he recreates 19 famous movie posters. He replaces the actors with cats and dogs and let's just say the result is quite humorous and adorable.

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The artist told Bored Panda: “We know that cats and dogs already dominate the world in time. With a lot of love and affection, they arrive quietly as part of the families. Thinking about it, how about we imagine them taking over the film industry and starring in successful films in the places of humans? Traveling on this theme, I separated some film covers and replaced humans with dogs and cats and updated their names as well.”

Luís told Bored Panda what inspired him to do these edits: "My love for art, for drawing, I used editing programs where I was able to let my imagination go even further. I create interesting images, out of the ordinary, where our imagination travels, creating unusual situations and places."

Luís has a YouTube channel where he does all sorts of drawing, editing, and Photoshop tutorials. Luís shows how he creates his pieces and teaches tips and tricks to others who would like to do the same and learn how to use software to create fun and unique edits.


Luís tells us more about how he learned to edit: "I learned it myself, watching some tutorials and videos on the internet about manipulations. As I already knew how to draw a little, it ended up being easier. I studied and continue to study, so I can always improve myself. I did not take any specific course and in any educational institution, I was alone even with tutorials and videos from the internet."

Luís has been featured on Bored Panda before, where he shared what the skeletons of famous pop-culture characters look like. He portrays them as 'anatomically' correct. The illustrations are quite humorous and even creepy at times.

Luís shares how he came up with changing movie posters into cats and dogs: "Because I like to photo-manipulate animals. Cats and dogs are my favorites. They already dominate the world, how about dominating the cinematic world too? I decided to create them as the main characters of successful films." Luís did the project in his spare time and it took him 3 weeks to finish.


The artist shared what future projects he has for the future: "The mind of an artist is never for laughs. Having drawings and projects in his head, some more complex, others simpler. I have several in progress—as soon as the imagination and inspiration are working, I create."


Luís tells us more about himself and his life: "I am an accountant, owner of a bar. I like and play sports, but I'm still passionate about art. Drawing has always been in the blood, it came from my father who liked to sketch too. I learned and I am learning editing tools, but I know that one day to do more professional work, I will have to study even more at a more professional level, but today, as I am still a hobbyist, I am turning around, but I want to present better work."


"I have only thanks, including to my friend Hidreley, who has encouraged me to create and helped to make my work known and to others difficult to list here, because there are many friends in this medium. I want to learn more and more, and maybe one day I will become a professional in this area. What I can leave for those who love art, drawing, image manipulation, is: study, study, and get the most out of your head and put it on paper or on the screen. Let your imagination run, because if we know about the editing tools, but not how to use our creativity, we will not stand out or do something that makes us satisfied."

What do you think of these remade movie posters? Which ones would you actually like to see? Do you think cats and dogs would be good replacements for these actors? Tell us in the comments down below and don't forget to upvote your favorite ones. Also, go show some love to Luís on his social media.

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