Veteran moms usually stick out for those who are still breastfeeding. After all, they know what it’s like. But not this one. Carly Clark, from Spartanburg, South Carolina, angered the entire internet when she threatened nursing mothers on Facebook. In a post from July 2018 that has since been taken down, Carly clearly expressed her sentiments towards violence and the backlash started immediately.

The swift reaction had mothers flooding to the official page of her employer, Petsense. There, the women started complaining about Ms Clark, even talking about plans to stage a “nurse-in” at her store.

Image credits: Carol Freeman/Facebook

Image credits: Stephannie Hudson/Facebook

Petsense is a chain retail outlet store found in outlet malls and rural markets across the country that specializes in pet supplies and pet services, but does not sell dogs or cats. Petsense does however, promote animal adoption through local city and/or county shelters & rescues and tries to offer pet products at competitive prices by allowing their customers to purchase directly from their vendor partners. Currently, Petsense operates over 150 stores all across the USA and promises you can purchase quality products at an affordable price, “from an employee with a smile on their face!” But the thought Ms Clark wasn’t the right person for the job. And they got Petsense to listen.

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Petsense eventually issued a statement saying the company did not ‘condone violence’ following anger over the post and confirmed that the individual is ‘no longer employed’ by the company.

Not pleased with these developments, Ms Clark messaged one of the mothers who complained – Kim Reindeau – to say a few things about her character.

Image credits: Kim Riendeau

People were baffled something like this happened in the first place