Being a parent means making the right decisions for your family, especially for your children. And if you see that your kid is having a hard time at school and dealing with mental health issues, it’s time to take drastic steps. Like taking them out of school until they feel like themselves again.

Twitter user Titi told the internet a story of real familial love: her mother pulled Titi’s brother, who was in the 3rd grade at the time, out of school for a whole month because he was depressed.

She told her son’s principal that his mental health was the priority here and after giving him the attention and support he needed, he went back to school with extremely positive results.

Twitter user Titi told the internet how her mother pulled her depressed brother from school for a month

Image credits: callhertiti

Image credits: callhertiti

Image credits: callhertiti

Image credits: callhertiti

After Titi’s mother gave her son the time that he deserved and really got to know him, he went back to school and excelled, finishing top of his class. This really goes to show that we can all thrive if we have a strong foundation and people who love us unconditionally.

Here’s Titi’s mother and brother, all grown up

Image credits: callhertiti

According to Psycom, there are some essential things that parents should do at home if their child is depressed. For instance, encouraging them to exercise and move daily will help them a lot. But it doesn’t mean that you should immediately sign your child up for football practice, ballet, and horse-riding all at once. Something as simple as a family walk or going to the park to play catch can work wonders.

Of course, exercise should be supplemented with a healthy diet. That’s where home-cooked meals come into play. Eating together helps bring the family together and cooking your child’s food yourself means that you can make sure that they’re getting all the nutrients that they need.

Besides getting lots of movement and eating plenty of healthy food, it’s vital that your child gets enough rest: they’re still growing and sleep is irreplaceable. Taking the time to talk to your child and really listen to them, their thoughts, and their feelings are also very important.

Getting these basics right means that your child will have a strong foundation to fight depression. However, in some cases, some form of medication is necessary and a doctor should be consulted. If it comes to that, parents ought to supervise any medication that they take because it’s unreasonable to expect a depressed kid to be able to do that by themselves.

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