19 year old Nann from Norway or better known as Nannll on Snapchat makes really funny and good Snapchat artworks of her self.

With her funny drawings on Snapchat she transform herself into famous Disney characters doing things you would not expect them to do. She also loves to draw herself with celebrities or as different actors in movies!

Nann have been drawing for a while sending Snapchats to her friends but started to make more detailed drawings a year ago when she made herself the Instagram account: QueenofSnapchat. Since then many people have started to follow her funny and quirky Snapchats!

More info: Instagram

Snow White

Medusa & Snake


Gandalf & Aladin


Marilyn Monroe & Fifty Shades Of Grey

The Shining

Nicki Minaj & Baywatch

Dr. Phill

Mario & Scooby-Doo

Calvin Klein

Hunger Games & Tomb Raider

Alice In Wonderland

Harry Potter

Vanity Fair

Queen of hearts

Ariel & Elsa