We all seek to understand ourselves more deeply. We all want to be fully awake, alive, and joyful. That’s where I come in. I act as a visual shaman by painting cosmic truths to awaken you to your true essence.

I was born on the auspicious day of 7/7/77, so I was blessed with a sense of magic early on. I’ve made art since I could hold a crayon.

A taste for adventure called me to Europe as a teen, where I drank up the culture. In America, I followed music and bliss around the lower 48 states. A bohemian need for freedom became a major inspiration.

Becoming an artist allowed me to share my vision, honor those moments of inspired awareness, and celebrate my belief in humanity’s potential.

When I work, I listen to meditations and sacred music, go into a trance, and loose track of time. I become one with the materials, painstakingly breathing life into my visions, to inspire soul-awakening.

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Her Highness



Love supreme