Hi! Ten months ago I published my first small ceramics here, as a beginner. Since then, I worked hard. And here is the result 10 months later. I quit Etsy and put my own shop together, and now, I’m selling ceramic animals on a regular basis. Some are already made as people purchase them, and others are commissions.

The thing I like most about this craft is not only that it gets better with time and practice, but it makes people happy. In November, a lady contacted me to have her friends’ dog made as a ceramic figurine. The dog had died, and she wanted some memory of this good boy to stay with her friend. This was so touching to me. As a dog owner myself, I felt compelled to give her the best of my creativity. Knowing that they were so happy and fond of the little porcelain dog was super rewarding. I have more stories like this, but well, it’s just the beginning of my road as a ceramic artist.

In memory of Shadow, a good boy

Sleepy ceramic fox

Ceramic daschund

Porcelain badger

Splooted corgi

Ceramic hedgehogs family

Ceramic bunny

Ceramic otter and pup

Ceramic parakeet