I’m an illustrator and I recently took up clay sculpting, as a hobby. My daily job is really SEO consulting but I began my career working as an illustrator. It doesn’t pay much so I soon went back to consulting but I always really loved drawing and painting.

I have a small Twitter account, and as I reached 2500 followers I thought I’d make something special: a drawing with a hundred items. I let my followers choose the subject and otters came up. It took a few days for me to dive in the otters drawing and at first, I found it a bit hard to draw the same animal over and over. But after 10 otters or so I really liked it and found new ways to draw them. In a few days, I was done with the actual pencil drawing and I went on to paint them with watercolors.

Meanwhile, I was taking a pottery class in Montréal, Canada. I love clay sculpting but I was not good at making pots and mugs so one day, I said to my teacher: “sorry but, I’d like to try and make little animals, is it ok with you?” She agreed, as curious as I was to see the result.

And I immediately loved sculpting those little critters. I began with the otters, as I was super happy with my 100 otters painting. And after that, I couldn’t stop!

I’m now spending a few hours a week in my pottery workshop and I hope my small ceramic animals will find new homes soon!

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At first I drew a hundred otters

Then I painted them

Then I sculpted them with clay

Isn’t she lovely ?

Clay otter figurine

Small otter figurine

Ceramic figurines two otters holding hands

Clay otters and animal figurines

And then I couldn’t stop sculpting animals!