I have been experimenting with illustrating elaborate, decorated single letters as a personal project between client work and publishing them online to eventually draw them all up in ink and scan in high resolution. Time has been the biggest challenge in achieving this, but with a country locked down, leaving the house for only essential things, and ongoing projects being either postponed or canceled, it seemed the ideal time to finally embark on the challenge. Illustrating, designing, and creating has given me such motivation, positivity, and focus through this period, and it is really rewarding to actually have something to show during such a difficult time.

I included a couple of the original pieces and the ‘digital’ versions of them. I will possibly sell prints as a future venture, but it was more about whether I could do it, how long would it take, and what would it look like…

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The original ‘O’

The redrawn alphabet ‘O’

The original ‘R’

The redrawn alphabet ‘R’