“This is what a dog that has just been abandoned looks like,” wrote the animal shelter I Paw’d It Forward from SW Washington in a caption on Facebook two days ago. The video footage showed a Tesla car pull up on the side of a freeway with an excited Labrador getting out, ready for a stroll in the park. As the happy boy is wagging his tail, the owner seems to lure him into the wooded area before she jumps back in the car and speeds off.

Watching the cruel scene has made many people on social media tearful, but luckily, the boy was rescued and well cared for by the staff at I Paw’d It Forward. The non-profit reminds everyone that this case is a constant reminder not to stay indifferent and follow their motto: “If you see something, say something.”

Bored Panda reached out to Brandon Price, a man from Vancouver, Washington whose security cameras recorded this disturbing incident. “We have seen a lot of things on our cameras, and this is something we never expected to see. Nor ever wanted to see,” said Brandon in an interview that you can check out in full down below.

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This heartbreaking footage shows an owner tricking the Labrador, dumping him, and driving off

Video credits: Brandon Price

The animal shelter in SW Washington first announced the news on their Facebook page and left everyone tearful

Brandon told us that his girlfriend called her friend to come help her get the abandoned dog, whose name is Henry. “After they got him, they contacted I Paw’d It Forward animal shelter to come to get him and take him to the humane society.”


The couple then posted the footage recorded on their security camera on Facebook. “Little did we know it would be going viral worldwide,” Brandon said.

“We were both in complete shock when it happened. We own the whole cul-de-sac and have had some issues with people in the past. That’s why we installed the camera,” Brandon explained. But this is something they never expected, or ever wanted, to see.

The footage shows a woman arriving with the Labrador in a black Tesla car

They get off near the freeway right next to the wooded area

The boy is seen wagging his tail in excitement

The owner leads the dog to the wooded area as he follows her in excitement

She then suddenly turns around, runs to the car, and speeds off, leaving the dog behind


Brandon said he can see why someone might not expect such a cruel act from someone who drives a Tesla, “but honestly, over the years, I have learned to never judge a book by its cover.” He also added that we all should be aware there are “some ugly people out there.”

Video credits: Brandon Price


Brandon would like to thank everyone who shared the video and helped to identify the woman in less than 48 hours, which he believes is “crazy fast.”

The footage has showed that these cruel incidents happen daily. “We are showing people that someone will take their family dog of 13 years, drop him in some random area, and drive off like its nothing. Its insane.”

The shelter has since posted another entry on this incident, asking everyone to be more humane towards their pets


Fortunately, the sweet boy is safe and well cared for by the shelter’s staff while an investigation is taking place

Image credits: I Paw’d It Forwardh

“There are numerous things this lady could have done. Hell, she could have just knocked on our door and left him,” Brandon said and promised there will be a happy ending to this story. “I can’t just let this story end here,” he concluded.

Follow the updates on the sweet Labrador Henry on Brandon’s Facebook profile. He is also raising donations for the I Paw’d It Forward animal shelter, which has helped to rescue Henry and continues to do so for many unfortunate animals betrayed by society.

The incident has left many people heartbroken