For this installation I’ve been inspired by the story of the tower of Babel. In this story, a united population with just one language gathered together and built a tower which top was in the sky. The Lord concerned that humankind could have too much power and freedom, punished them for their pride by multiplying their languages so that they could not be able to understand one another.

My Babel Tower is an interactive installation that recontextualizes the spiritual architecture of the Babel Tower with modern materials, creating a union between ancient history and our present world.

The top view of installation by reflecting the sky is connecting it to the earth, symbolizing the aim of Babel tower to reach for the heaven; the structural use of mirrors serve as a reflective vessel for light, an integral feature of paradise. When installed in a city location it reacts with different animation patterns to the audience interaction, when placed in a natural environment its movement are changing depending on the weather conditions.

In this project, that had required various engineering tasks (mechanical, electrical and computational) I’ve collaborated with Gugo Torelli, an Italian designer and digital artist.

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