We love it when artists find creativity in the ordinary. They see beyond inanimate everyday objects and show how a simple doodle can completely change the way we interpret things around us. Suddenly, lifeless items are caught up in charming and hilariously cute scenarios with living characters.

Mexican artist Alberto Arni lets us imagine what fruits would look like if they had feelings and emotions, and oh boy, are they expressive! He adds minimalist illustrations to photos of fruits to bring them to life and give them a whole new meaning. Fruits that go through a playful makeover turn to dramatic characters with tragic stories.

"I'm always looking for new creative ways to explore my work, and since I was a little kid every time someone cut fruit in front of me, I imagine them suffering! We are cutting and eating poor tasty fruits!"the artist told Bored Panda.

You might even feel sorry next time you slice an apple or bite into a banana. Once you scroll through this list, you won‘t be able to unsee it!

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