An animal shelter near my hometown asked me to shoot their shelter dogs cause they didn’t have room for new ones anymore and no one was calling to adopt those already there.

So I got myself a cheap blanket to cover the empty shelter walls and some little ties and hats for 3 bucks to make those little creatures shine.

A dog by dog came into the room like in a theatre presenting themselves and their little (or big) characters. They all had their little improvised names that described them pretty well. Some loved their hats and ties and some hated the idea. I respected their personal wishes. Some were posers, some shy, just like us humans.

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Mr. Pure

Some went crazy over the smell of treats filling the space and couldn’t focus on anything else. Some were so happy to see a new human that all they did was jump on me and try to convince me to take them home.
Some were obsessed with toys, some were sleepy and some were so scared that they couldn’t even move. One little guy was so scared that he peed the first time I pressed the shutter.

We cuddled, played, ate and by the time we were done it was cold again and I had to go and they, unfortunately, had to stay.
But not for long.

All of the dogs were adopted within a week of the shoot and found their beautiful humans and their forever homes.
My advice to you, if you are a photographer or just want to help, maybe you have an animal shelter near you that would love to hear from you. Hope you make that call.
To shelter dogs and all their charming little characters!




Mr. Puffs


Miss Perla

Mr. Long

Miss Dora

Miss Dona

Ms Pika