I have spent the last year mentally acquiring social double standards, working them out on paper and then executing each one as a self-portrait. The idea came to me while serving martinis at 11 am to the wealthy people of my county.

Who were they to deem this act classy while shaming a person drinking vodka out of a bottle before noon? Thus “Double Standards” was born.

As you can imagine, the concepts easily started flowing once I drew my attention to the subject. We are a society of finger pointers. Whether we state our opinions out loud or keep them internal, we are all guilty of looking at another human being and saying: “Ugh, can you BELIEVE they did/are doing this, that, blah. blah. blah.”

We shame mothers for staying home and “being lazy” while condemning mothers who go back to work as “selfish.” We scoff at a woman for having body hair while men are free to No Shave November. Men attend the beach topless and women are deemed whores for the same act.

It’s time to say “NO! Fuck off, you are not my judge.”

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Female body hair vs. male body hair

Classy drunk vs. trashy drunk

A man’s Nipple vs. woman’s nipple

Working mom vs. stay at home mom