Yummy Typeface is a series of alphabets I created for 36daysoftype04 inspired by food.

It was my first participation in this Instagram challenge and I decided I’ll make something I love out of it. Food!

It was slightly tricky to think and create a food element or item that looks exactly like the alphabet without much change to the actual product itself.

I simply enjoy the entire process involved from thinking what to eat and finally eat it. Food is something, I more often that not, include in my illustrations which are kind of exciting for me.

More info: behance.net

Amazing Pizza, Baked Pretzels, Chicken Sausage

My cute little Ham cheese sandwich!

Deadly Tacos, Exotic Prawns , Fancy Cake

Nibbled Cheese

Perfect Sushi, Quick Cup Of Cocoa, Ripe Orange

Your Table Tools, Zenger Bacon

Some Wild Berries for the young lady!