Some people can’t take a hint. No matter how flirtatious you are with them, they’re hopeless. When a girl named Kuda tried to tell her neighbor that she liked him and wanted him to come over, he just couldn’t understand what she was driving at.

The girl then used increasingly less subtle hints, but couldn’t get her point through her crush’s thick skull. Eventually, her patience ran out, so she finally told the guy in a direct message — he finally got what she was on about! However, some believe that Kuda’s text flirting could be considered a form of ‘harassment.’ Some internet users suggested that Kuda would be in a lot of trouble if she were a man, and kept persistently hinting for her neighbor to come over.

Dear Pandas, has anything similar ever happened to you? Have you ever had a crush who didn’t get your flirting signs? Read on and let us know in the comments below about your most hopeless and oblivious crush. Oh, and check out the hints that somebody might have a crush on you at the very bottom of this post!

The girl named Kuda starts the interaction off by texting her neighbor that she needs his help to make her “soft” bed “firm.” Now, it might just be my overactive imagination, but dropping hints like that should make almost anyone realize that there’s some serious flirting afoot. Unfortunately, Kuda’s neighbor falls into the ‘almost’ category of people because he didn’t get what she was after. [Facepalms and groans with despair]. That’s strike 1.

Kuda must really like the guy because she was undeterred by her temporary setback. She offers him drinks; meanwhile, her crush is more concerned that he might inconvenience her. That’s strike 2. Kuda then suggests the guy should come over and shower at her place to “conserve water.” The. Guy. Still. Doesn’t. Get. It. His hopelessness physically hurts. That’s strike 3. When all hope seems lost, the girl straight-up tells him that she wants him to come over because she likes him. Luckily for everyone involved, he accepted the invitation. I’m all for subtlety and nuance in romance. But this was a ‘Code Red’ kind of situation where directness was mandatory.

Imgur user J0SarkanaksIrSula posted the text messages between Kuda and her neighbor online, and they became very popular almost immediately. The texts were viewed 134,000+ times, upvoted over 5,200 times, and were commented on more than 560 times — all in just 10 hours after being uploaded.

Internet users thought the text messages were very interesting

Cosmopolitan compiled some tips from Reddit about how to tell if somebody has a crush on you. One person explained that crushes “find an excuse” to be physical with you, while another suggested they’re in love with you when they bring you food or small gifts. Asking for help with a basic task can also be a giveaway, as can be liking everything they post on social media and constantly texting them.

Meanwhile, Psychology Today seconds the fact that the people who like us want to be around us and as close to us as they can. Life doesn’t change much after finishing school: the people we leave an impression on try to sit next to us during lunch and want to, metaphorically, pull your pigtails. Furthermore, another clue somebody adores you is that they remember what you like in detail. If someone leaves a chocolate eclair on your desk (my favorite, by the way) or strikes up a discussion about your favorite Star Wars movie, you might just be in luck. Are there any people like that in your life? Well, they might just have a crush on you. Don’t be like Kuda’s neighbor, and take the hint.