This is just a completely random post because I was bored.


The one you're in right now.



I had a dream that me and my dad went snorkeling and two black turtles with a really long neck and tail with huge fangs wrapped around our necks. It felt so real! Then we went home and I pinched myself to make sure it was a dream. I felt the pinch. Then we watched a YouTube on how to get rid of them and it came up with a video from the turtle police. The head of the turtle police was Hilary Clinton. She was wearing a garden pot (so that no turtle could wrap around her neck or stomach). She said that the only way to get rid of them was to infect another person by sunset on all seven different dimensions and that the turtle police will hunt you down and kill you. If you don’t infect another person by sunset you will die. We got up to the sixth sunset but then me and my dad got stuck in a canal with a T.P submarine behind us and it shot us with a torpedo. The dream ended there.


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5 months ago

damn lmao what a crazy dream


Okay, this was on August 3 (2021) I got in bed and my brothers stuffy was in my bed so I picked it up and threw it at the door so I could remember it and give it to my brother. I wake up and the stuffed animal isn’t there it’s in bed with me, I was home alone so no one could’ve put it in bed with me.



This is my answer from another Ask Panda's question:

It was a reincarnation dream, living through three lifetimes or more. I cannot remember the first. But I remember being in a state between lives. My second life was a warrior on some ancient battlefield, perhaps in Scotland. I remember the shields, they were circular, and quite different from any shield I've ever seen before. It was bronze. All of my friends died in that battle, and so did I. When I was in the interlife period before that life, I knew what was going to happen and I was complaining to someone/something that I didn't want to be in battle and die like that, it would be so scary and unpleasant. But I was told I had to go into this life. I'm not sure why. So I reluctantly went into that life. I think as sort of compensation I was told about the life I would have after that.

My life after that was as a 'revolutionary woman'. Those were the words of the being that told me about my future life. I believe it was in the 1800s in England. I don't remember any details about that life, except that I was quite a strong woman.

The interlife period was strange. There were others there and they were advising me how to get into the new body. Apparrently the process is a little tricky. But if you fail to get in, then there is a period where something occurs and it is easy to get the spirit into the body at this stage. I remember actually going into the new body. It is very difficult to describe the sensation. It is something I have never ever felt before. Part of the feeling was that I could see nothing, everything was just light and that was it. But, on the other hand, I knew where everything was, like where my new body was, and so I "saw" not with eyes but with my mind.

I also remember at some stage thinking that this was amazing that I could remember my past lives and writing down in a notebook the names of the people I had been and the period they lived. I remember writing down my own current name. I was also very happy that this was the way things were.

Part of me believes that this was not just a dream, but a memory, because it did not really have the character of a dream



I rescued two or three boys together with Captain America and Iron Man. I don't know why or how but i did it. SO then we had to present that to the public. By going on the top of a mountain, over the clouds. And the clouds looked like grey shards of glass or stones.
The boys were with us. And then we talked about rescuing them and stuff, to no one. But I was totally scared because I couldn't see the ground and yeah, but I was secured with ropes that were kind of tied to the sky? I don't know.
Then, one of the boys jumped off and I had to jump too, so he wouldn't die. Yeah, and I caught him. In my kitchen. And what did he say to me saving him from death? "Don't grab me like that, it hurt!" So I sat him down on a chair.
And then I woke up.



Once dreamt I was a squirrel. I mean I could feel how small I joyous it was to run and run up trees. I even had a little squirrel family. It was the happiest dream I've ever had. The odd thing was we'd break into hotel rooms for safety and food. One squirrel family decided to stay in a room while I went outside to run...when I came back..I noticed exterminators tents around the room...and knew my squirrel family been killed. Woke up...was sad nearly all day.


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I was like five when this happened, but it’s so weird that I still remember it like 6 years later

Me and my parents were at the park when this giant pink helicopter came and took my parents and then suddenly I had rocket shoes and I zoomed my @ss over to some evil headquarters only to find my moms been turned into a cute chipmunk and my dad a cartoon monkey . I open the cage they were in and we zoom back to the park where a little fairy turn them back again . 😳
Ik I was a very weird child back then.

Oh and also like 2 weeks ago
Me and little ducks swimming in the ocean



Well, let’s just say that I think of weird stuff. For my weirdest dream?
Shrek riding a flying Thomas the tank engine above NYC, threatening to take over the world and holding donkey hostage.
Don’t ask.


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Either the one where Zach Varmitech's robots sucked me up while I was on giant recycling cans or the one where Object Show characters turned evil and went to go mob a city.


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