I know no-one will probably see this but if you do I need tips.


if you're uncomfortable telling them directly, simply correct the person if they "deadgender" you. If they make mistakes at first, don't fret! They spent their whole lives calling you a certain way, so it'll take some adjustments! The important thing to do is to keep working on it together. If they're misgendering you on purpose then just ignore the person until they get it right (E.G:
Friend: Hey [Deadname]! You: *silence*. Friend: Sorry! Hey, Twilight! You: Hey!)


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i also have an idea for that, so get a sticky note write your name and pronouns on it so if anyone deadgenders/deadnames you then you put the sticky note on your head so they read it or put it on their head so they take it off and read it, it is confirmed to decently work

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I assume you mean to your family. If so, start by actively supporting pride to make sure people around you aren't super transphobic, then tell them about (or make up) a trans friend. After that, just go up to them and be like 'hey parents I'd like it if you refer to me as (name) and pronouns thanks'. If it's just your friends, you can go straight to the last step. With your parents, make sure to keep yourself safe and avoid coming out if they're transphobic or aggressive. Good luck!



i wrote them a letter! It was just “hey, i’m trans. my name is Dmitry and my pronouns are he/him.” def do this if you are too scared to do it in person :) also i support and love you no matter how your coming-out goes. good luck my friend