It’s no doubt that our culture and world perception are shaped by the things we consume. With a plethora of memes, music and the never-ending list of TV shows, movies definitely are high up on the list of the biggest influencers. And with the recent premieres of episodes VII and VIII, the Star Wars franchise stands tall, connecting the past and future generations with the sounds of lightsabers and the beeps of robots clashing in the background of the epic space opera.

The Star Wars series are definitely a huge part of pop culture

However, it’s small wonder that some people haven’t experienced it. One Imgur user recently shared a Messenger chat he had with his girlfriend who had never watched any Star Wars movies before and decided to give it a shot and join her dad on the space opera adventure. The back-and-forth details the girl’s attempts to describe what she’s seeing to her boyfriend, who’s being a little bit like a trivia show host you see on TV.

People online had a lot to say about their conversation