Even though it may still be considered quite a controversial topic, more and more states are legalizing weed, whether it’s medical or recreational. The funny thing is, weed dispensaries are far from the only thing profiting out of this. Apparently, many Girl Scouts saw it as a perfect opportunity to sell even more cookies. After seeing this, some people even started joking that you can now get your weed and satisfy your cookie cravings all in one place now. A simple yet genius marketing plan, isn’t it?

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A group of girl scouts set up their stall outside a Chicago weed dispensary

The local Girl Scout troop in Andersonville, Illinois reached out to Dispensary33 to set up their cookie stand outside the dispensary on Sunday morning. After getting the thumbs up, the girls laid out their cookies, delighting both customers and employees of the weed shop.

Dispensary 33 shared a video of the stall on Twitter

A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the Greater Chicago Area and Northwest Indiana said that it was a great idea and the girls managed to sell as many as several hundred boxes. Abigail Watkins, marketing and outreach manager for the dispensary, happily assured people that the Girl Scouts plan to have different troops selling cookies on upcoming weekends all through February as well. “The cookies they’re selling and our clientele, it’s a great match,” said Watkins. “As a former Girl Scout, I admire the hustle.”

The staff themselves didn’t manage to pass by without buying some cookies

Melissa Soukup, a leader of an Andersonville-area Brownie Girl Scout troop got the idea to set up a cookie stand outside the dispensary from a police officer who visited her troop’s cookie booth last year at a Pet Supplies Plus. He mentioned in passing that they would be crushing it if they’d set up their booth outside to-be-legalized dispensaries.

A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the Greater Chicago Area said the girls sold hundreds of boxes

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She said she was reminded of this when looking for new places in the area that weren’t taken. “We try to meet goals so the girls can win prizes. We’re always looking for opportunities, places that have walking traffic”. Naturally, the idea to set up their stall in front of a dispensary was brilliant as people couldn’t miss the chance to get both their weed and their munchies at the same time.

Customers flooded social media, calling them future leaders

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All the positivity they received on social media proved this idea to be a success

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People also jumped in and shared girl scout stories of their own