Babushka wisdom is seriously all you need to get you through life. From yummy jam recipes and cures for what ails you, to relationship advice and where to get the best bargains, grandmas have got you covered.

Imgur user NoCapes considers her grandma to be her best friend. After reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend and being left feeling a bit conflicted about it, she naturally turned to her grandma for advice. This is where it took a turn for the strange, as gammy decided to introduce the old ‘cold shit syndrome.’

It’s nuggets of wisdom like this that makes grandma wisdom so special. A bit weird, but crazy insightful and with a good story, grandmas are a cherished link to the past, when communication was simpler and not weighed down by all the techno-babble we suffer through these days.

Scroll down below to find out what ‘cold shit syndrome’ is (it does actually make sense as an analogy), and feel free to share your own ‘grandma wisdom’ stories in the comments!

Here’s how people reacted to grandma’s nugget of wisdom