The Pet Fit Club in the UK has been helping overweight domestic animals to get healthy again for the last 10 years. Founded by PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, the club has already helped 95 obese pets to lose a total of 60 stones (840 pounds).

“At PDSA we know how much people love their pets. But sometimes they just need a helping hand to make the right feeding and lifestyle decisions. And that’s where Pet Fit Club comes in,” writes the club’s staff on their website.

Before the program, some of the pets had been snacking on  weird foods such as cheese and onion chips, or Donner Kebabs. Scroll down to have a look at some of the most amazing transformations!

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Labrador Duke was double his ideal weight before the Pet Fit Club

At more than double his ideal weight, Duke was morbidly obese before Pet Fit Club. Now he’s lost 5kg, 8.3% of his bodyweight and is weighing in at a healthier 55kg.

Jack went from 20.5 to 14.1kg in six months

At the beginning of the competition he tipped the scales at 20.5kg, around double his ideal weight. Six months on he was a far healthier 14.1kg (a loss of 6.4kg) and trimmed an impressive 20cm off his waist, beating 16 other pets to the title of ‘biggest loser’!

Bobby, who was known for raiding neighbours’ houses for food, went from 63.45 to 52,95kg

Before Pet Fit Club, blobby Bobby was partial to picnics and had to be kept on a lead to prevent him from gobbling up other people’s snacks. His greedy habits helped contribute to his whopping weight of 63.45kg – nearly twice what he should be. Luckily, he has lost 10.5kg

This poor doggy could barely walk

Kayla, who used to be addicted to pizza, lost 17kg

Kayla is a Mastiff type dog who, at her heaviest, weighed 61kg. Her owner Agnes Higgins admits to having spoilt her beloved pooch in the past – even giving her pizza! However, she realised she has been overfeeding Kayla and with PDSA’s help, enrolled her on Pet Fit Club. Six months later she has lost 17kg.

This poor kitty used to struggle when climbing the stairs

This Cocker Spaniel Harley was so fat, he was mistaken for a panda once, lost over 4kg

Owner Lisa Mitchell said she has been stopped by Chinese sightseers in Prince’s Street who often ask to take photos of her podgy pooch due to the uncanny resemblance. Harley’s weight problems began around two to three years ago after he was neutered and Lisa didn’t adjust his diet appropriately. Thanks to Pet Fit Club, Harley lost over 4kg.

Boycus was twice the size he should be before he lost 6.8% of his bodyweight, now weighing a healthier 9.23kg

Rescue cat Boycus is one of several cats in the household; all the others are a healthy weight but Boycus ballooned in the last couple of years and was twice the size he should be back in June, making him morbidly obese.

Daisy used to jump into any available car to catch a ride home, lost 8kg after the program

Daisy, a formerly bulging Bulldog who was so lazy she had to be bribed with ham to exercise, was crowned ‘pet slimmer of the year’ after losing around 8kg in weight – an impressive 27% of her bodyweight.

Humongous Hooch the rotund Rottie went from 82.2 to 69.7kg

Hooch had already lost several stone lighter after being rescued by owner Leslie. He now weighs 69.7kg (starting weight 82.2kg), having lost 12.5kg and 15.2% of his bodyweight.

Beagle Bob, who was so overweight, he couldn’t even wag his tail, went from 40 to 26kg

Bob was rescued from Romania to live a better life in the UK after living on the streets for the first ten years of his life. Unfortunately upon arrival on British shores, he was never walked and tucked into human food, so he quickly ballooned and became unwell. He weighed as much as 40kg.  His new owner Kate managed to get his weight down to around 26kg, but he still has a long way to go so she enrolled him in Pet Fit Club.

Fudge would eat anything apart from lettuce; luckily, he went from 58 to 48.8kg

Fudge has been a bit of a yo-yo dieter over the years, but one thing that never diminished was his love of food: he will eat anything apart from lettuce! At his heaviest Fudge tipped the scales at a whopping 58kg, at the start of Pet Fit Club he weighed around 52kg. Six months later he’s lost a further 3kg and weighs 48.8kg.

Jemma used to love eating Sunday Roasts before losing 15.5% of her bodyweight

Jemma started putting on weight about 4 years ago, when her owner, Cara, had young children. Family members had started to comment on Jemma’s size so she took her to the vet, but was shocked to discover just how overweight her little dog had become. After Pet Fit Club Jemma has lost 15.5% of her bodyweight, weighing in at 9.8kg (starting weight 11.6kg).

After losing 17% of her bodyweight, Amber became less sleepy and more interested in playing

Twelve-year-old Edinburgh cat, Amber, knocked the socks off the other pet competitors in 2009/10 when she shed an impressive 17% of her bodyweight to take the winner’s crown. Amber weighed a whopping 7.3kg – making her 62% overweight.

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