With most public places being closed to visitors, there are those whose movement can’t be restricted and we are talking about animals. They are free to roam the empty streets and parks with hardly any humans in sight. However, if they find themselves in need of assistance, there are still some of us out there to lend a helping hand. That’s exactly what a pair of police officers did when they saw a brood of lost ducklings looking for their mom.

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Recently, two police officers went viral for “escorting” a brood of ducklings to safety

Recently, Houston Police Department shared a video showing one of their police officers, Larry Satterwhite, who noticed a bunch of ducklings wandering in the park with their mom nowhere to be found. So he decided to escort them to the nearest pond.

The tiny chicks happily complied and strutted after the officer.

It seems that it’s not the first time a police officer has had to do something like that. Priscilla Thompson shared a similar incident on Twitter a day earlier. After getting help from Sergeant Engelhart when she locked her keys in her car, she took a video of him helping a brood of ducklings, too. They were roaming around the park, so Engelhart made sure they were following him and led them to safety.


Both police officers were monitoring the Memorial Park, making sure that people are complying with quarantine rules.

Here’s how people reacted to the videos

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