Time flies like an arrow… Unless you’re stuck at an airport. In this scenario, the only thing that flies is other people, successfully boarding their planes, as you gaze at them through the airport window, thinking of all possible definitions of boredom. Yet not everyone is up for sitting around for hours, simply doing nothing. Instead, why not film a music video? Well, this is what this law student, Katie Gould, did while waiting for her flight in Atlanta. By transforming the entire airport into her dance floor, she owned it by grooving to “You Make My Dreams,” by Hall & Oates. People were impressed by the creativity and energy this girl possesses. Yet it’s not only the dance moves that caught everyone’s attention.

Katie Gould, a law student from Atlanta, had to wait 4 hours for her flight, so she decided to kill time in style

By turning the entire airport into her dance floor, she filmed an entire music video

In some frames, even an airport worker appears to have joined her in the boogie

But the most eyebrow-raising moment was when Katie was grooving with a cat in her hands

And after the dance was finished, she even managed to get a drink before her flight

Check out the entire masterpiece

People were impressed, but there was a question that needed answering

But if there’s a question, there’s an answer

Image credits: katiemgould