When you look death in the face it can alter your perspective and priorities. For example, after near-death experiences, people may try to live in the now more or focus on their family, well for one Imgur user his accident prompted a very different reaction.

Yes, Joe in Virginia was crushed by 3,000 pounds of hay, which as he wrote, should have killed him. Miraculously he survived but with some severe injuries including a broken pelvis. However, despite being in a wheelchair he made sure to express how thankful he was to be alive, and made it clear that he was ready to get back out there again…but not in the way you might be expecting. Scroll down below to read the inspirational post with a hilarious twist at the end.

“2 1500lb hay bales tumbled down and crushed me against the ground”

“I should be dead, I still can’t wrap my mind around how I survived. It was pure luck”

“I have a long road to recovery ahead of me.. And it’s gonna be a painful, but that’s okay”

“Because I’m still alive, breathing, and no longer crushed under 3000lbs of hay, so I welcome any and all pain. Cause pain is a feeling, a feeling I shouldn’t be feeling anymore. But I am, cause I’m alive!!”

Even though he went through a traumatic situation, he still managed to look on the bright side of things: “And I still got that tinder game”

Some people saw the comedic side of the situation and decided to joke along