Office workers will be familiar with the drama and intrigue that surrounds the office fridge – the disappearing sandwiches, the opening of new milk when others remain unfinished, the passive-aggressive notes left by disgruntled colleagues… it’s all part of the fun.

This story isn’t about a missing snack however, it is quite the opposite! Reddit user jgbones, also know as Julia from Philadelphia, shared the office legend that is a tub of pineapple cottage cheese (sounds pretty gross to be fair, I wouldn’t touch it).

This little tub of cheesy weirdness has survived in the fridge for seven years now!

“Happy Anniversary to this lil tub of pineapple cottage cheese – it has now survived SEVEN years in our work fridge without being thrown out! I take a picture with it each year,” Julia wrote.

Julia told Bored Panda her guilty secret – the cheese is indeed hers. “I bought it back in 2012 – opened it – tasted it – hated it (no surprise, its low fat and has weird fake pineapple in it) – and threw it in the fridge,” she told us.

“It managed to get pushed to the back, I forgot about it, no one touched it, and then, sure enough, it managed to survive a whole year with no one noticing it. Then it became a joke – no one wanted to throw it out!”

“The cheese is in a tub, with the lid on. The seal has been broken, but it’s never the perpetrator of any weird odors. We moved offices earlier this year and now we have more room, two fridges – no smells – and we’re a happy family. Besides – everyone respects the cheese – it’s been here for a long time!”

Julia is waiting for the right moment to open up the cheese or throw it away – either when she leaves the job or it hits 10 years residence in the fridge. “Or maybe I’ll bestow it on another colleague?” she adds with a laugh.

“I haven’t opened it since I bought it – so I wonder what it looks like inside. My boyfriend is incredibly against it staying in the fridge at home, so it’s got a bunch of post-it notes saying DON’T TOSS, and everyone here in the office knows not to touch it.”

Image credits: jgbones

What do you think? Do you have an office fridge? What kinds of stories have arisen from this controversial space? What is the longest you’ve ever left an item in the fridge? Let us know in the comments below!

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