Have you ever stopped to think about how things have changed? We didn't even have to go very far back in time to notice certain aspects that are completely different now. For example, who would've known that a cell phone could do a thousand things? Who would've believed that we could fly with the help of planes, watch moving images on a square box that is now TV, and many other things? We can only wonder how people could live without all this technology and amenities we have now.

But what if we mix up two completely different time periods? That's exactly what one Ukrainian artist did. His name is Alexey Kondakov and he decided to incorporate characters from classical paintings into our modern times. By putting together two unlike image fragments, Alexey managed to create new meanings. After this post, you might not be able to look at the paintings or your ordinary surroundings the same way as before.

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We contacted Alexey to find out how his career has developed since the last article on our website. The artist shared that big news feeds such as Bored Panda has definitely helped him believe in himself. "But what I can advise artists is to be more consistent in art. Being consistent will help to pick you from other artists and prepare an interesting news/gallery of artworks for publication. So you need to have 50 recognizable pieces, then it is possible to pick 10-15 for the article."

For now, "The Daily Life of Gods" takes up most of Alexey's time. Last year, the artist was working on his new album/book with all of his artworks from the beginning till 2020.

Alexey shared that he also had a dream of being a DJ, so he started collecting vinyl and is now learning to play them. The artist also wants to travel more this year. Hopefully, the pandemic will allow us all to explore new places and get as many experiences as possible.


Alexey loves making new artworks. "Being an artist is hard work and involves a lot of operational tasks, but all parts of the creative process are parts of my main occupation and beloved project so it is easy to motivate myself to get things done."

The artist admitted that he has learned a lot from this project: marketing, sales, communication, music writing, work with different media, etc. Besides all the interests, Alexey also has a dream to direct a movie clip, which is the next goal he wants to achieve.


When asked about how long it takes to create one fully finished piece of artwork, the artist replied that sometimes he sees an old artwork and immediately knows what kind of story he wants to tell. "Then it takes some time to make the right picture for the background, so this process can last a day, but sometimes it can take even a year till I find the right background. As for photoshopping - it takes a couple of hours, I think."


Alexey has been featured on Bored Panda many times before. If you enjoy his work, you can find his previous posts by clicking here, here, here, here and here

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