Of all the states in the USA, Texas stakes a claim for having the strongest identity. Conservative, tough, gun-loving and God-fearing, you pretty much know what to expect when a Texan walks into the room. But times they are-a-changin’ and a new, young, vibrant Texas is emerging in metropolises across the state, leading to a generational divide that throws up some interesting contrasts.

Take this wholesome story of newfound friendship for example. Tumblr user Nicholas, who goes under the username indiedrone, uploaded a pic of himself gently mocking his mom for her ‘crucifix cluster,’ apparently a fairly common sight in Texan homes where one symbol portraying a mans’ horrific death is never enough.

Nicholas’ post quickly got plenty of attention, as other Texan kids could relate. Fellow Tumblr user fullblownpanic joined in by sharing her own mom’s cross conglomeration, cheekily pulling the same pose.

Someone quipped that the pair would make a good couple, having experienced the same ‘crazy crucifix mom’ upbringing. However, it turns out that they have more in common than anyone could’ve imagined, despite coupling being out of the question.

A happy ending indeed! But what about mom? What does she think about all this? “Mom knows all about it, my relationship with her is really good,” Nicholas told Bored Panda. “We joke around and tease each other all the time!”

“She accepts me for who I am and we actually grew closer after I came out.”

Nicholas, who says he was thrilled to meet up with his new friend Gaby at Houston Pride, believes that the old stereotypes about Texas are a thing of the past, in the cities anyway. ” I would say they are more for rural places in Texas,” he told us. “Major cities like Houston, DFW, Austin, and San Antonio are very tolerant and accepting. In fact, the previous mayor of Houston was a lesbian and she was very open about it.”

The state motto of Texas is simply ‘Friendship,’ and this story is a perfect example of the welcoming, warm-hearted and friendly people you are bound to meet in this wonderful state!

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