There is no doubt that factory farms are some of the cruelest places on Earth. Yet amongst the tales of tragedy, there are stories of hope.

This is the story of how one chicken was rescued and was given what most factory-farmed animals will never receive—a name and a home.

Open Cages are running an anti-factory farming campaign in the UK. You can help shut these farms down by adding your name to the petition.

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Our story begins in Denmark amidst the cold snow of winter. Freezing and starving, a stray chicken was found in a local’s garden

Alone and scared, she had escaped from a local chicken farm and was looking for safety

Sanctuary owners Lina Lind Christensen and her husband gave her a home

They named her Victoria

Exhausted from the stress of her journey, Victoria slept for days

Then, as time went by, she started to find love and comfort in her human guardians

She felt so safe with them, she even started napping with Lina’s husband!

She had found the safety and love that she desperately needed

After days of sleeping, Victoria’s personality began to come out. She was very curious


And she loved the green open space of the garden

Victoria enjoys soaking in the sun

And often looks out for butterflies and blackbirds to chase

Yet she still finds time to cuddle with her humans

Unfortunately, sleeping outside in the cold after her escape continued to affect Victoria. The tips of her toes had to be amputated as her feathers were not thick enough to keep them warm

But Victoria is a fighter and she recovered quickly. She’s not bothered by her strange looking toes!

What matters most is that she’s happy and free to roam with her friends

Victoria is one of the lucky few chickens to escape the horrors of broiler (meat) farms

Victoria is loved and cared for and has been given the chance for her personality to blossom

Millions of broiler chickens like Victoria are not so lucky

Image credits: andrewskowron

They spend their days in packed and filthy conditions

Image credits: andrewskowron

With no access to the outdoors or natural light

Image credits: andrewskowron

They do not grow at a normal pace. Rapid weight gain means many of these chickens cannot stand

Image credits: andrewskowron

Many die as the strain on their hearts becomes too much to bear. This is no life for any living being

Image credits: andrewskowron

They need the help of animal lovers like Lina and like you

To fight for a world where all chickens are given the chance to be free and loved

Open Cages are saying NO to factory farming to save chickens like Victoria from cruelty. And you can join by signing the petition!