My little hobby is about more than just transforming dolls. It is a way to pass on a message to young children to come just as they are, and to embrace all their perfect imperfections. To put more value on character, on kindness, on the ability to solve problems or help others, on appreciating all the amazing things the human body is capable of doing rather than how hot or sexy it can be. To be confident in themselves exactly the way they are. I believe that God made each one of us perfectly imperfect and unique – so here’s to learning to celebrate and embrace our unique imperfections!

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Childhood Unplugged

These are girls that can climb trees, play in the dirt, do a cartwheel, jump in puddles, solve complicated problems, run fast, help others, be kind, daydream, throw their heads back and laugh.

All without having a care in the world about clothes, makeup or how they look.

I create children dolls that are “real”!

I want children to see themselves in my dolls: to see that they are beautiful not because of appearance but because of who they are and what they can do, because of their uniqueness and because they are perfectly imperfect!

Society values physical beauty above everything else! It’s not too often that girls are allowed or encouraged to just be 100% themselves – there is so much pressure from society to be the best, the prettiest, the skinniest. Beauty tends to be valued more than intelligence, or kindness, or strength of character, or fitness, and that’s really tragic.


Billie is a strong-willed, feisty young girl. She is brave, and loyal, and has a quirky habit of throwing her head back when she laughs. Her bubbly laughter is contagious.


Dressed just my little girl likes to dress! Bright and mis-matched.


Clementine is a happy and mischievous little girl with an infectious sense of humour. She loves to play practical jokes on her friends and family, and when she laughs she throws her head back and clutches her belly, making everyone around her smile.

Sustainability! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I have a strong focus on sustainability. Just about everything is rescued and reclaimed – even the fabric for their clothing is vintage scraps from my mother’s sewing box or rescued from other dolls. I also try to reuse original stiletto shoes and carve them into ballet slippers. Waste not, want not.


Delightful little Amy – kind, gentle, loving, strong, determined! All these things and more! Amy loves to play outside rain or shine, and becomes quite wild and exuberant when it is windy!


Chelsea is a calm and studious young girl; a high achiever who loves to learn! When her head is not buried in a book, she can be found outside with a magnifying glass and a camera, jotting down her observations. Chelsea hopes to one day write a book for children (filled with her own photographs) about mathematical patterns in nature. She finds it enchanting how often the Fibonacci numbers appear for instance, and refers to them as natures numbering system. Angles, arcs, logarithms, the Golden Ratio – it’s all so immensely fascinating to her and she wants so dearly to share her passion for the beauty of Creation with others.


Meet Alison – a vivid reader with a vivacious and cheeky personality. Her heroine is Hermoine Granger because aside from the fact that they share the same thick, bushy hair, Hermoine is brave and clever and kind – all things that Alison tries to be. Alison wants to be a writer when she grows up.

To dream, to think, to hope!


Piper loves to design and build things – with Lego, blocks, or hammer and nail. The project she is most proud of was her replica of a birds nest using twigs, leaves and other bits and pieces from around her garden. She found it fascinating to understand how birds make their nests using only a beak, when she struggled with capable hands! Piper is currently building a treehouse with her friends, complete with rope ladder and trapdoor. She is strong and capable, and wants to be either an architect or a builder – or both – when she’s a grown up.


Lottie is an energetic, fun little girl. She loves to jump and skip and spin! Always moving, always smiling, Lottie certainly keeps her teachers on their toes! She is an enthusiastic member of her local Acrobatic Gymnastics club. Lottie hates wearing shoes.


Lydia could never sit still at school and was always getting into trouble for distracting others and moving around too much. Her desk was messy, her work half-finished, her feet wouldn’t stop wriggling and her mind was elsewhere. Her beautiful teacher noticed how well Lydia concentrated and excelled in sport, particularly when music was involved, and suggested to her parents that perhaps Lydia would thrive with dancing lessons. They took the teacher’s advice and Lydia has never looked back! She loves ballet, and her face just exudes joy and passion when dancing. She still struggles to sit still for long periods, but can focus more readily at school now that she has something to channel all her physical energy into each day. Morning and afternoon she leaps and twirls and gracefully stretches her muscles. What a gift it is to find that which makes your heart soar! .

Transformation takes time

Meet Lisa! My little thinker, kissed abundantly by the fairies. She may appear to be listening to you but is more likely inventing something terribly clever in her mind!
Lisa is often in trouble at school for not paying attention but it’s so hard to stay focused on something that doesn’t interest you when you have more pressing matters to think upon! Like why one layer of clouds is moving faster than another, or how the bird outside is making such a compact, fiddly little nest with out any fingers, or how she could save time in the morning by wearing her school clothes to bed at night.

Black-haired beauties

A huge variety of hair/skin/eye colours and unique features can be found amongst my girls, just like real life!