Remember the super adorable cat-themed dessert ideas that Caroline and Laura posted on Bored Panda 6 months ago? Well, they’re back with more of their edible art! Based in Tokyo, Caroline & Laura’s Tea Break has launched nine years ago, and their cool desserts were inspired by the “Little House on the Prairie” books—so much so that the family adopted the names of the book’s characters as their own handles!

These cute cats stalking candy fish are one of the duo’s latest food art creations. As to whether there’s a real-life feline behind it all? The family has an 8-year-old domestic short-haired who is indeed a very adorable cat named Apelila, which means April in Hawaiian.

More info: (h/t: instyle)

Caroline & Laura have been writing and baking for 9 years

“I’m the writer, and Laura is the web designer,” says mother Caroline

“Laura also bakes most of the desserts while I help in the kitchen”

“We then photograph them”

“After it’s all done, we eat the desserts!”

“If the sweets are non-perishable, I’ll send them to my mother and our friends”

“We also share our other hobbies on the blog including knitting, gardening, and antique collecting”

Not only that, Caroline & Laura are Bored Panda community members!

“Our 8-year-old domestic shorthaired cat, Apelila, constantly inspires us”