A British family went to New Zealand for a holiday and they grabbed the attention of the whole country so fast, all of the local garage bands probably envy their brakethrough. But only before they hear the full story. The family turned out to be so toxic, the entire country started trying to figure out a way of how to get rid of them.

The family who traveled on British passports were reported for shoplifting, littering, threatening residents and causing chaos, an immigration official said. Peter Devoy, assistant general manager for Immigration New Zealand (INZ), told Reuters that five individuals from the group had already been served with Deportation Liability Notices, which is the first step in the deportation process.

Image credits: NZ Herald

One woman even shared a video of confronting the family

Now, they can appeal against the deportation orders and can only be deported if they agree to waive their appeal rights or if the appeal rights expire.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff made headlines as well. He called the group “a bunch of a***holes” earlier this week and said that he understands the people who told them to go back where they came from. “Telling visitors to NZ to go home is pretty unusual behaviour by Kiwis but in the case of tourists from Liverpool who have been creating mayhem around Auckland it’s totally justified,” he said.

People had a lot to say about the whole situation